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Meezan Bank’s Guide To Islamic Banking

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Based on lecture notes and handouts prepared for a comprehensive training course for the staff of Meezan Bank. Topics include Islamic contract, modes of financing, and investments. Today the world economic system that is based on interest has resulted in concentrating the wealth in the hands of selected few creating monopolies and widening the gap between the rich and the poor. In contrast Islam encourages circulation of wealth and regards its role as important to an economy as the flow of blood to our human body. Just as clotting of blood paralyzes human body, concentration of wealth paralyzes economy.

* Cover: Hardback
* Author: Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani
* Publisher: Darul Ishaat
* Pages: 259


Islamic Banking & Uncertainty (Gharar)

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Gharar (uncertainty) is an important issue discussed in Islamic Jurisprudnce as well as in Modern Law. According to the Shari’ah, avoiding Gharar is imperative in the field of Islamic Banking.

This treatise deals with this very subject and its effects in various transactions and agreements. The author has elaborated the issue in lucid language when describing complicated aspects of Islamic Jurisprudence according to modern style and diction.

The author, Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Samadani was awarded his Ph.D degree from the University of Karachi for this dissertation he compiled on the the issue of Gharar.

# Cover: Hardback
# Author: Dr, Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Samadani
# Publisher: Darul Isha’at
# Pages: 94


Islamic Banking & Murabaha

Saturday, April 18th, 2009
Islamic Banking & Murabaha

Islamic Banking & Murabaha

A valuable treatise on a mode of Islamic Financing known as Murabaha. The author has compiled the book in a lucid and easy to understand language and has explained all technical and practical aspects relating to Murabaha.

A valuable treasure for all those interested in the subject.

The author, Mawlana Ejaz Ahmad Samadani has written a number of works on Islamic Banking. His dissertation on the topic of Islamic Banking and Gharar (uncertainty) earned him a Ph.D from the University of Karachi.

# Cover: Hardback
# Author: Dr. Maulana ejaz Ahmad Samadani
# Publisher: Darul Isha’at
# Pages: 101

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Ashraf’s Blessings of Marriage – NEW EDITION

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Ashraf’s Blessings of Marriage – New Enlarged 4th Edition

New 4th Hardback Edition of one of the most comprehensive,popular & Best-Selling Islãmic guides on marriage in english  based upon the works of contemporary scholars/Researchers

Now enlarged from 360 to 424 pages by popular demand to include:

• Consequences & Harms of Adultery & the Binge Culture

• When & How to Marry

• Rights of Wife & Husband

• Common Sexual Problems & Remedies

• Importance of Family Relationships & Nikah; How to Avoid & Resolve Family Disputes

• Guide for Middle-Aged Couples

• Harms of Divorce

• Pregnancy, Childbirth & Infant Care

• Importance of First & Second Makãtib in the correct upbringing of Muslim children

Based upon the teachings of Shaykh Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi, Shaykh Maseehullah Khan, Shaykh al-Hadith Ibrahim Palanpoori, Shaykh Taqi ‘Uthmani, Shaykh Abu ‘l-Hasan ‘Ali Nadwi, et al.

Islam is a code of life which encompasses every aspect of human existence. This includes all facets of the relationship between husband and wife. Mãshã’Allah, my respected student/brother Muhammad Aslam has prepared one of the most comprehensive books on this subject which outlines the principles for husband and wife right from before engagement to tarbiyyah of their children-to-be. It is only through the Fadhl of Allah that this work has been granted wide acceptance and alhamdulillah the third edition of this very beneficial work is going for printing. The readers will find in it the fragrances of many flowers.

In the books of hadeeth and fiqh clear guidance on conjugal behaviour is explained in detail. Adhering to these teachings will not only be a means of acquiring a blissful marriage but it will also help in safeguarding one’s health.

Nowadays, the subject of sex has been overexposed; degraded and misrepresented through channels of mass education and the media (especially on TV and internet). Accordingly it is important to guide our youth in order to save them from sexual deviancy.

* Cover: hardback
* Author: Aslam Patel
* Publisher: Ashraf’s Amanat
* Pages: 337


Al-Hidayah (Volume 1)

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Al-Hidayah is the commentary of Bidayat al-Mubtadi written by the author himself.

The Hidayah represents the refined, distilled and authentic version of a legal tradition developed over many centuries. It presents the corpus of Hanafi law in its approved and preferred form and forges an organic link with the other schools of law.  There is no book that can match the power of al-Hidayah as a teaching manual. Education in Islamic law is not complete without this book. Accordingly, each and every madrassah, whatever its affiliation, imparts instruction in Islamic law through al-Hidayah. The book was designed by the author in such a way that it makes a vigorous interaction between teacher and student unavoidable. Each sentence presents a challenge both to the teacher and the taught. In this process, the student acquires a deep knowledge of the issues of fiqh and the methods of reasoning employed by Islamic law. The teacher, on his part, has a unique opportunity, while using the book in the class session, to give full expression to his skills and abilities.

This publication of the Hidayah is the complete translation from Arabic written by al-Marginani, arguably being the most popular and important work in the entire fiqh literature.

The primary reason for its popularity is the reliability of its statements and the soundness of its legal reasoning. Most researchers and scholars first consult al-Hidayah before they move to another source. In the area of Muslim personal law, it has been the major source relied upon by courts in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. The need for this book, since the day it was written, led to the writing of well over forty commentaries and glosses on it, and this does not include the books written to document its traditions. This is rare not only for Islamic law, but for any field of knowledge.

In comparing the Mukhtasar of al-Quduri, the book in which al-Hidayah is based upon, we note the following differences:

*     Al-Quduri has errors that have been corrected in Bidayat al-Mubtadi (the matn, bold text of al-Hidayah)

*     Bidayat al-Mubtadi is based on Quduri but has 25% more text as it includes those rulings that were missed in Quduri

* Bidayat al-Mubtadi states the rulings in a more comprehensive way so that the rule is clearly understood

*    Bidayat al-Mubtadi is organised in a better way

*    Bidayat al-Mubtadi has a commentary written by the author himself. This commentary is called the Hidayah. This is not the case with al-Quduri

About the Author
Shaykh al-Islam, Muhaddith and Hafiz, Abu al-Hasan Burhan al-Din ‘Ali b. Abi Bakr b. ‘Abd al Jalal al-Farghani, al-Marghinani, the great Hanafi jurist, was born at Marghian in the vicinity of Farghana in 530/1135 (in Present Day Uzbekistan) He died in 593/1197. He studied with Mufti Najm al Din Abu Hafs ‘Umar al-Nasafi, his son Abu’l Layth Ahmad b. ‘Umar al Nasafi and other eminent teachers, and excelled in Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh and other studies. His scholarship was recognised and praised by eminent scholars such as Imam Fakhr al-Din Qadi Khan,  Zahir al-Din Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Bukhari (the author of al-Fatawa al-Zahiriyyah) and others.

About the Translator: Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee
Associate Professor in the Faculty of Shariah and Law, Islamabad. He obtained his law degree (L.L.B) from Punjab University in 1969. In 1983, he was awarded a gold medal for his performance in the L.L.M (Shariah) at the International Islamic University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, USA. His published works include: Theories of Islamic Law, The concept of Riba and Islamic Banking, and General Principles of Criminal Law. He has also published several research articles on Islamic Law and has also translated into English Ibn Rushd’s well known book, Bidayat al-Mujtihid (The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer) in two volumes.

* Cover: Hardback
* Author: Sheikh Burhan Al Din Al Farghani Al Marghinani
* Publisher: Amal Press
* Pages: 660


Tafsir al-Qurtubi (Volume 1)

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Tafsir al-Qurtubi (Volume 1)

Tafsir al-Qurtubi (Volume 1)

Tafsir al-Qurtubi (Volume 1) – A Classical Commentary Of The Quran.

Commentary of Surah al-Fatihah and Surah al-Baqarah.

The publication of this volume represents a significant landmark in the history of Islamic literature in English. There has until now been a dearth of translations of classical tafsir literature into English. With the first volume of this abridged translation of Imam al-Qurtubi’s al-Jami’ li-ahkam al-Qur’an (“The Compendium of Legal Rulings of the Qur’an”), an important step has been taken towards remedying this situation. It gives English-speaking readers access to one of the great classical commentaries, containing a wealth of authoritative traditional exposition of the Sacred Text.

Comprehensive interpretation of the Holy Qur’an requires consideration of every aspect — spiritual, legal, linguistic, social, and others. While his Tafsir covers them all, Imam al-Qurtubi was especially concerned to bring out the legal implications of the Qur’anic text, and his work emphasizes the practical applications of the Revelation. This gives it particular relevance to those interested in learning how the Qur’an informs the daily life of the Muslims, on both the individual and communal level. The author also explains the diversity of the various readings (qira’at) and explores the alternative interpretations that can be derived from them.

Imam Abu ‘Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Abu Bakr al-Ansari al-Qurtubi, was born in Cordoba, Spain, at the summlt of Its great period of Islamic civilisation. He was an eminent Maliki scholar who specialised in fiqh and Hadith. The breadth and depth of his scholarship are evident in his writings. The most famous of then is his twenty-volume tasfir al Jami’ li-ahkam al-Qar’an, the first three volumes of which are covered by this publication. Imam al-Qirtubi was a man of great modesty who disdained worldly honours and throughout his life wore the simple gown and cap of the ordinary Muslin. He traveled from Spain to the East and settled in Munya Abi’l-Khusavb. in Upper Egypt. where he died in 671H/ 1273

Translated by Aisha Bewley.

# Cover: Hardback
# Author: Imam al-Qurtubi / Tr. Aisha Bewley
# Publisher: Dar al-Taqwa
# Pages: 787
# Size: 22.2 cm x 15 cm

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The Prophetic Invocations on Protection (Audio CD – 2 CDs)

Sunday, April 5th, 2009
The Prophetic Invocations on Protection (Audio CD - 2 CDs)

The Prophetic Invocations on Protection (Audio CD - 2 CDs)

The Prophetic Invocations on Protection (Audio CD – 2 CDs)
by Yahya Hawwa, Abu Tayeb,

Product Description

“The Prophetic Invocations on Protection”, is a double CD compilation containing selected Prophetic invocations and verses from the holy Quran, illustrating how and why seeking spiritual protection in Allah, the Exalted, is essential in our daily lives. Although the theme of protection has been prevalent at all times, it is of more relevance now than it ever was: our times are increasingly characterised by suffering from spiritual, social, family and mental health related problems.

These trials or difficulties (bala) may be caused by a range of physical and unseen factors, including individual shortcomings, stressful experiences, oppression from others, transgression towards sin, supernatural afflictions or even divine tests (ibtilah) from Allah, the Most High, to draw out our commitment to Him. All of these have lasting effects on the quality of our relationship with Allah and our functioning within ourselves, with our peers and with society at large.

Numerous examples from the Quran and Prophetic Sunnah indicate the recommended practice in and virtue of remembrance (dhikr) or in making prayer (du’a) to Allah, the Most High, when in difficulty or crisis, of whatever nature, as well as implementing them in our daily lives.

The verses of the Quran and duas are recited in Arabic by Yahya Hawwa (Jordan) and Abu Tayeb (London) in the Hafs form for clarity, easy grasp and learning. They are followed by English translation by Ehsan Abdullah Hannan and are accompanied with Hadith and sound effects to assist contextualisation. The materials used throughout the project have been carefully selected for their authenticity.

CD 1 Yahya Hawwa

Introduction to Prophetic Invocation
Al-Fatiha quran recitation
Al-Fatiha translation, hadith 1 & 2
Al- Baqarah (2: v256-257) quran recitation
Al-Mu’minun (23: v115-118) quran recitation
Al-Mu’minun (23: v115-118) translation, hadith 1
Al-Araf (7:205) quran recitation

CD 2 Abu Tayeb

Al-Yunus (10:57) quran recitation
Protection in the adhan du’a
Protection upon leaving the mosque
Seeking protection from the evil of seeing, talking, hearing, and desires and passions
Seeking protection from the discomfort of death and seeking ease in the daily affairs of this life and in the hereafter.
Ar-Rad (13:28) quran recitation

CD 1 – Featuring Yahya Hawwa

1 Introduction
2 Al-Fatiha
3 Translation, Hadith 1 & 2
4 Al- Baqarah (2: v1-5)
5 Translation, Hadith 1
6 Al-Araf (7: v205)
7 Ayatul Kursi (2: v255)
8 Translation, Hadith 1, 2 & 3
9 Al- Baqarah (2: v256-257)
10 Translation & summary
11 Al-Baqarah (2: v284-286)
12 Translation, Hadith 1
13 Al-Kahf (18: v1-10)
14 Translation, Hadith 1 & 2
15 Al-Ahzab (33: v41)
16 Al-Muminun (23: v115-118)
17 Translation, Hadith 1
18 Ar-Room (30: v17-19)
19 Translation, Hadith 1
20 Al-Hashr (59: v20-24)
21 Translation, Hadith 1 & verse 7:180
22 Al-Mu’minun (23: v97-98)
23 Al-Mulk
24 Summary, Hadith 1 & 2
25 Al-Ikhlas
26 Translation, Hadith 1 & 2
27 The Al-Mu`awwidhatayn:
Al-Falaq & Translation, An- Nas & Translation
28 Hadith 1, 2 & 3
29 Al-Imran (3: v173-174)

CD 2 – Featuring Abu Tayeb

1 Al-Bakarah (2: v152-157)
2 Protection against Satan upon waking up from sleep
3 Protection when entering the toilet
4 Protection when exiting the toilet
5 Protection after wudu
6 Protection when wearing new garments
7 Protection upon leaving the house
8 Al-Anfal (8:v2)
9 Protection in the azan dua
10 Protection upon entering the mosque
11 Making dua between adhan and iqamah
12 Protection upon leaving the mosque
13 Protection upon entering the house and before eating
14 Yunus (10:v57)
15 Protection against evil in the morning and evening
16 Protection against anxiety, sorrow, helplessness, miserliness, burden of debts and tyranny of men
17 Protection against the punishment of Hell fire, the punishment of the grave, the evil of wealth and poverty and from the trials of Dajjal
18 Protection from harm and seeking mercy, guidance and sustenance
19 Ar-Rad (13:28)
20 Protection against heedlessness
21 Protection against the corruption of the heart and seeking support in Allah for it’s control and guidance
22 Seeking protection from the discomfort of death and seeking ease in the daily affairs of this life and in the hereafter.
23 Protection from evil committed and yet to be committed
24 Al-Munafiqun (63:9)
25 Seeking protection from the evil of seeing, talking, hearing, and desires and passions
26 Protection against the evils within oneself and seeking inspiration from Allah
27 Protection against sinning and seeking success in attaining Jannah and safety from the fire
28 Ayats from Suratul Yaseen (36:v1-10)
29 Protection against the whisperings of Satan and doubt in matters of faith
30 Protection against inflicting evil eye on oneself and others
31 Protection for children from ill health and evil eye
32 Protection from inappropriate anger and temperament
33 Al-Isra (17:v82)
34 Protection against people who ones fears harm from
35 Protection against grief
36 Protection against a difficult period/circumstance
37 Protection against misfortune and seeking the reward from it
38 Protection against the misfortune of others
39 Ayats from Suratul Waqiah (56:1-26)
40 Protection during sleep

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