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Al Haramain perfumes at Darul Ishaat UK

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Al haramain perfumes Darul Ishaat UK

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Al Haramain was established in the Holly Makkah, Saudi Arabia and Catering to the Perfumery needs of the People all around the globe since 1970. Its creations after creations have been adoring the exotic, the romantic, the introvert & the contemporary in many ways than one. Naturally, from a perfumery that indulges in phycology, the world can look forward to perfumes with distinctive personality.

“In Islamic traditions, small pieces of Agarwood are burnt to keep the interiors of houses hygienic and aromatic”. A Source of inspiration is behind every success story. But smelling opportunities in these seemingly simple opportunities call for vision and strong business acumen. This is what the founders of Al Haramain Perfumes have proved.

A Smooth take-off

Initially the focus was on oriental fragrance. Al Haramain Perfumes have been increasingly well received by a thirsty market for quality Agarwood based perfumes. What humbly started in Saudi Arabia proudly stood exceeding the expectations immediately after a few years of inception. The future was clear. Al Haramain became the household name of the Arabs all over the world. They’re waiting with open arms to rediscover their essence.

Al Haramain has become one of the largest manufacturing units of the Middle East (16215m2 = 174, 477 ft2) to maintain the pace of excellence in the field. A transition phase triggered by a new cosmopolitan outlook is also being followed in the new paradigm. This is clearly reflected on the present board of directors of the company to comprise of major world’s countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA to the strength of Al Haramain . It calls for a continual analysis of the organizational structure to smoothen the rhythm of a phenomenal growth. New Products began to touch the sky. New Showrooms started to take their places in the Middle East, Far East, Europe, the USA & subsequently, rather around the globe. To fulfill the demand and supply level, we decided UAE to be the base of our activities. So our Head office is located in Dubaiand our most modern Factory in Ajman-UAE.

A strong workforce with hands on experience, under connoisseurs’ guidance, works in the manufacturing unit. A qualified team looks after the administration complimented with state-of-the art office set-up & works here monitoring and controlling the worldwide operations. Al Haramain’s R&D facility is headed by leading phytochemists in the industry. At Al Haramain, we believe, to emphasize one’s presence in a competitive market; quality inside the organization is as significant as quality of the products reaching the people’s choice.

Comprehending the complexity that the art of perfumery calls for connoisseurs. However, the success is in spotting the talents. Luckily, the managing director of Al Haramain Perfumes Mohd. Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir) has been associated in making of almost all the Al Haramain Perfumes, and over the years, proved to be a connoisseur of olfactory senses. Naturally, he picked up the qualified people and nurtured them into a team of specialists in oriental fragrances.

Mystery of the fragrance

Olfactory senses are divided into two notes (i.e. blending together of different ingredients). They are feminine anc masculine notes. Al Haramain produces both. Our fragrances are classified by the oriental & the floral concepts. Ths oriental Fragrance concept and its variations are agarwood and Spic-

Oriental Fragrance
The oriental Fragrance concept can be attributed to tht legendary fragrances of the Orient. Contrary to the popula belief, Oriental perfumes are as popular in Europe and US/* as they are in the Orient, so Al Haramain became empero of the perfume globe.
Our oriental Agarwood perfumes represent the heavies fragrance directions, in the kind of perfumes freshness o citrus is contrasted with Agarwood foundation.

Oriental Spicy
Our Oriental spicy perfumes catering to feminine an masculine notes which have high percentage of floral accords such as Pure Dehn Al Oudh, Taifi Rose, Bulgarian Ross Istanbuli Rose, Amber, Sandal, Musk Al Ghazal, indispensabl floral fragrance materials and a lot of rarely found flowers, naturi herbs Plucked from the gardens all around the w

As good as it gets
The concept of floral fragrance and its variations are Fresh Floral and Sweet Floral.

Fresh Floral
Our version of the ‘Floral Fragrance’ includes all floral themes that incorporate springlike, impressions based on hyacinth, lily of the valley and orange blossom. Also includes pure eau de parfum.

Sweet Floral
Our ‘ Sweet Floral Perfumes’ are heavy, intensively fragrant creations .The task of purely perfumistic classification of the perfumes by fragrance concept could only be achieved with the experienced perfumers. At Al Haramain perfumes it has an enormous research effort lasting many years. For instance, the making of Dehnal Oudh Maliki Ateeq is one of the costliest perfumes took twenty years to produce.

Manufacturing Unit
It’s simply leading-edge technology supported with specialists who keep abreast of global trends and who adhere to high quality standards, Which presented to the world.

For a place in every mind
Marketing team of Al Haramain Perfumes has a professional background in marketing. Just having good products aren’t enough to establish the company name, The image of the company has to penetrate into the minds of the valuable customers. Success is in achieving this. Thanks to the sensibly focused advertising and marketing strategies. Our marketing team has been doing a professional job. The rest is out there the world over as Al Haramain showrooms.

Equally significant is the attention given to packaging. The credentials stands in the Al Haramain showrooms as showpieces are a treat to the eyes.

All that’s said so far has been just means to hint our estimated target to keep the excellence of quality of our products and our unique identity of lasting fragrances in the mind of every customer and in the sight of global market.

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A Sufi Study of Hadith

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

A Sufi Study of Hadith at Darul Ishaat

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A Sufi Study of Hadith (Originally titled Haqiqa al-Tariqa min as-Sunna al-Aniqa) is a unique work of commentary on a selection of over three hundred authentic hadith. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi, one of the subcontinent’s greatest spiritual leaders and an author of unequalled prolificacy, translates, interprets, and then comments on each hadith from the perspective of tasawwuf, whether to explain a fine point of theology, or to discourse on morality, etiquette, behaviour, or the customary practices of Sufis. In the pages of this volume, one encounters a side of Islam that is little known and less understood. For all seekers of the truth, and especially those keen to further their understanding of the teachings of the Prophet, upon him be peace on tasawwuf-related subjects, Maulana Thanawi’s work is truly invaluable.

Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo

Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi rahmatullahi alayh excelled in every branch of Islamic learning and was one of the Islamic world’s most outstanding religious figures of recent times. Perhaps his most significant and enduring legacy is a renewed awareness, understanding and acceptance of authentic tasawwuf among the masses. Indeed, he is still remembered as Hakim-al-Ummah (Physician of the Ummah) due to his expertise in diagnosing spiritual ailments and dispensing the most efficacious cures.

In this book Mawlana Thanwi discusses numerous subtle and complex themes of tasawwuf derived from the ahadith of our beloved Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. His erudite commentary demonstrates time and again how the principles of tasawwuf have their origins in the primary sources of Islam. Mawlana Thanwi’s approach, like that of his illustrious mashai’ikh, stresses the complete harmony between Shariah and tariqah and their interrelatedness.

Alhamdulillah, Mawlana Yusuf DeLorenzo’s translation now gives English speaking Muslims access to this valuable work. Studying this book under the guidance of a qualified shaykh will increase the interested reader’s understanding and appreciation of the treasury of hadith as well as the science of tasawwuf, and prove beneficial for the traveller on the path leading to Allah. – Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

This volume revives the tradition of the earliest Sufis, who  related hadiths from the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in such core works as Qushayri’s Risala, Makki’s Qut al-Qulub, and Abu Nu‘aym’s Hilya al-Awliya. Imam Junayd has said, “The spiritual path is blocked shut, except to those who seek out the traces of the Chosen Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace); ‘Say, ‘This is my path: I summon to Allah upon entire insight, I and whoever wholeheartedly follows me’ [Qur’an 12:108].” Thanawi’s work is a treasury of valuable hadiths for anyone on the true path, and a guide to many of the traditions (adab) of Sufism in the South Asia of his day. The powerful and vigorous translation of Yusuf DeLorenzo brings to life in English a great many realities of the way of spiritual realities. – Nuh Ha Mim Keller

# Cover: Hardback
# Author: Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi
# Publisher: Turath Publishing
# Pages: 297


Ghazali: The Beginning of Guidance

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Ghazali: The Beginning of Guidance - darul ishaat uk

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Imam Ghazali’s Bidayat al-Hidaya is a highly motivational manual detailing the fundamentals of acquiring guidance through God-consciousness (taqwa). Imam Ghazali argues that just as there is an end to this noble objective there is also a beginning to it, which must be made firm for one to achieve success. He then goes on to expound the fundamentals of this “beginning.” While being concise and to-the-point the manual is laid out in the form of a detailed daily timetable providing the reader strong inspiration and much heart-rending counsel. The three sections of this book are on obedience, refraining from disobedience, and the etiquette of companionship with the Creator and with creation. One of Imâm Ghazâlî’s final works, it embodies a lifetime of learning, experience, and spirituality and can be taken as an introduction to his larger works.

This translation published for the first time with facing Arabic text also includes many notes and transliteration for the supplications contained within.

Translated by Mashhad Al-Allaf, Revised and Edited by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf.

“An excellent translation of an important book on the fundamentals of Muslim piety and etiquette. With an accessible English translation alongside the original Arabic text, this introductory work will be useful for readers interested in exploring the realities of Islamic piety, students of Arabic and educators alike.” – Jonathan AC Brown,  University of Washington.

# Cover: Paperback
# Author: Abu Hamid al-Ghazali
# Publisher: White Thread Press
# Pages: 170


Athar as-Sunan: Traditions of the Sunnah

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Coming soon at Darul Ishaat UK
Available: 30/09/2010. Price TBA

In this important work the Shaykh relates fiqh judgements, particularly those of the Hanafi madhhab, to the hadith and traditions, scrutinising each for what the great scholars have said about the strength or weakness of its chain of transmission. The book was to have dealt with all of chapters of fiqh, but sadly the Shaykh only completed the book on purification and the prayer.

Fascinatingly, he tackles matters that engage us all today, including practices that have become a source of controversy over the last few years and thus it will be an important reference work in everyone’s library.

Concerning this book the servant of the prophetic hadith, Muhammad ibn ‘Ali an-Nimawi said, “This is a collection of hadiths, traditions, a collection of narrations and tidings which I have chosen from the Sahih, Sunan, Muj’am and Musnad collections. I have mentioned the source of each hadith but refrained from mentioning the complete chain of transmission for fear of lengthening the work.

I have elaborated on the status of ahadith that are not from the two sahih collections (i.e. al-Bukhari and Muslim) in a satisfactory manner and have named the book Athar as-Sunan (The traditions of the Sunnahs) while simultaneously asking Allah for His decision. May Allah make this work purely for His Face and a means of meeting Him in the Gardens of Bliss.”

This book is extraordinarily timely especially as this age is dominated by matters concerning the prayer. It establishes the basis in the hadith literature for the Hanafi practices and clarifies issues concerning the prayer in general.

English Translation by Abdassamad Clark and Mawlana Inam Uddin.

# Cover: Hardback
# Author: Muhammad ibn ‘Ali an-Nimawi
# Publisher: Turath Publishing
# Pages: 525


The Preservation of Hadith

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

The Preservation of Hadith - Darul Ishaat UK

Now Available  at Darul ishaat UK!! – By Now

The Preservation of Hadith – A Brief introduction to the Science of Hadith

Like the Qur’an, the preservation of the traditions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh], the hadith, for fourteen centuries is another unsung miracle of Islam. It is important to recognize the long journey the hadith of the Blessed Prophet [pbuh] have made through the passage of time and how they have been protected against the perverting hands of distorters, corrupters, and mistake prone narrators.

How were the hadith preserved throughout history?

How did scholars ensure that the hadith used for establishing shariah are authentic?

Who were the great scholars who devoted their lives to the preservation of hadith?

In this short treatise, the author, Shaikh Ibrahim Madani, has simplified much of the information found only in the larger texts on the science of hadith. In addition, he highlights the authority of hadith in Islam and how they were preserved. This book is an excellent start for those who wish to gain a basic understanding of this subject, but cannot invest the time or means to do so.

# Cover: Paperback
# Author: Shaikh Ibrahim Madani
# Publisher: Madania Publications
# Pages: 56
# Size: 18 x 12.5 cm


Prayer Practice – Learning -Roots

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Prayer Practice - Darul Ishaat UKTeach your children to pray when they are seven years old … (Part of the hadith of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) recorded by Abu Dawud and Ahmad)

Prayer Practice is great motivating children to perform the five daily prayers. This set contains eight colourful charts, accompanying stickers and words of remembrance to be said after prayer  all bound together in a flip chart.

Using the charts can help focus on specific aspects of prayer such as concentration, perfecting the actions and praying on time. Prayer Practice is a practical resource, keeping children enthused and excited about performing this noble pillar of Islam.

Each set comes with shiny gloss page finishes and a calendar style binding for easy hanging on walls.

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Quranic Opposites – Learning Roots

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The Quranic Opposites Puzzles are a set of 24 pairs of beautifully illustrated opposite words derived from the Noble Quran. In addition to understanding the concept of opposites, children will also become accustomed to words that are frequently mentioned in the Book of Allah. Once the words have been mastered, the puzzles can be used to assess speed and accuracy of recall.

The puzzle activity also develops cognitive matching skills. The puzzle pieces are produced on thick board with a gloss finish.

Contents: 48 Puzzle pieces paired to form 24 sets each measuring approximately 12 cm by 12 cm.

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The Seerah Timeline Display – Learning Roots

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The Seerah Timeline Display - Darul Ishaat UK

The Seerah Timeline is a unique presentation of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). These concisely designed timelines cover the Makki and Madani periods and are accompanied by sticker sets encouraging an engaging interaction with the events of the seerah.

Each set includes two 1 metre long posters and 25 stickers with full solutions provided. Users are expected to read through the sticker sets and decide in which order the events occurred. After checking their answers with the solutions, they then stick the events onto the poster timelines in the correct order. Stickers are non-reusable. The entire set comes packaged in a well-presented solid tube.

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Darul Ishaat UK – Affiliate Programme

Sunday, June 6th, 2010


As a Darul Ishaat UK affiliate you can start earning money by promoting our products to your site’s visitors quickly and easily. For every one of your site’s visitors who clicks on our banner and buys a product, we will pay you a commission fee. It’s as simple as that!

  • * Free to sign up and no running costs
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  • * Uncapped commission – The more you sell, the more you earn
  • * Tracking technology means you receive all payments from customers referred
  • * Choose from a selection of banners and buttons to suit your site

We provide you with as many banners and buttons as you want to put on your site, and every sale is tracked to make sure you do not miss a payment. Through our realtime control panel, you can check the number of sales you have sent us and your payment history at any time, inshallah.

The Benefits of Becoming a Darul Ishaat UK Affiliate

  • * Earn 10% commission on anything you sell
  • * Very little effort required. Just place a banner or text link on your website, blog, email, forums, etc.
  • * You will benefit from a partnership with the world’s favourite Islamic book Store.

Make money from your website, blog etc. Without the need to:

  • * Buy any stock
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  • * Ensure goods arrive safely
  • * worry about aftersales care
  • * worry about tech support
  • * Worry about returns and refunds

We do it all for you!

Why become a Darul Ishaat UK Afilliate?

  • * We offer the highest levels of service in the industry
  • * We display ALL our customer feedback openly on our website
  • * Our goods are priced to sell
  • * We have the widest range of Islamic products on the Internet
  • * Our website makes it easy for agents to sell and visitors to buy
  • * Multiple off-line and onlinepayment methods
  • * First with new and exciting Islamic products from across the Islamic world
  • * Regular and permanent special offers and price promotions designed to sell product and give customers the best possible value for money.

Program Overview

Earning money with Darul Ishaat UK Affiliate Program is easy.
We do the work, you earn cash..

People visit to buy – we have a conversion rate of approximately 1 :100, that means that one in every 100 visitors makes a purchase from us.
We do EVERYTHING – host the products, despatch the orders, deal with customer queries, and you get paid 10% Commission of each sale by simply referring visitors to us.

What do I do NOW?

Few simple steps:
1. Go to the Signup Form
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3. Receive your password and other info by email
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5. Place some of these banners/links onto the Home page of your website and as many pages as you want, to increase your sales
6. Receive 10% commissions from every sale!

Any further questions? Contact us using this link,
We will be more than happy to help!

Jazakallah for showing interest in the Darul Ishaat UK affiliate programme

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10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

1. Consider your Audience

It almost goes without saying – but it’s worth putting yourself in your readers shoes and consider what they might be looking for as they surf by your blog. Are they shopping for specific products? Might they be looking for related products or accessories? What would trigger them to purchase? Start with your reader in mind rather than the product. If you take this approach you could end up doing your reader a favor as well as making a few dollars on the side.

2. Genuine Recommendations and personal endorsements always work best

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products and services for you to choose from to recommend to your blog’s readers but making money from them is not as simple as randomly adding links to them from your blog. Your blog’s readers come back to your blog day after day because something about you resonates with them – they have at least some level of trust and respect for you and perhaps the quickest way to destroy this is to recommend that they buy something that you don’t fully believe will benefit them.

The best results I’ve had from affiliate programs are where I give an open and honest appraisal of the product – including both it’s strengths and weaknesses. The most successful affiliate program I’m involved with here at ProBlogger is Joel Comm’s e-book which I reviewed here. If you read the review you’ll see that I not only tell readers who I believe the book is for but I also mention those it is NOT for. In a sense I critique it. On a surface level one might think that this wasn’t a wise move and that I should have given a glowing review – however the sales that I’ve had through the program have proven otherwise. People want to know what they are buying first and even if they know a product has limitations they will buy it if it meets their particular need.

3. Link to Quality Products

We all like to make sure we’re buying the best products money can buy – your readers are no different to this and are more likely to make a purchase if you’ve found them the best product for them. Choose products and companies with good reputations and quality sales pages. There is nothing worse than giving a glowing review of a product only to send your reader to a page that looks cheap and nasty.

4. Contextual Deep Links work Best

When I started using the Amazon Associate Program I naively thought that all I had to do was put an Amazon banner ad (that linked to Amazon’s front page) at the top of my blog. I thought that my readers would see it and surf over to Amazon and buy up big – thereby making me a rich man. Nothing could have been further from reality – I was deluding myself.

I always says to bloggers that I’m consulting with that they should learn something from contextual advertising when it comes to affiliate programs. The secret of contextual ads like Adsense is that a reader is reading a post on a particular topic on your blog and when they see an advertisement for that same product they are more likely to click it than if they saw an ad for something else. The same is true for affiliate programs. A banner to a general page on every page on your site won’t be anywhere near as effective as multiple links throughout your blog that advertiser products that are relevant for readers reading particular parts of your blog.

So if you’re writing a blog about MP3 players and have a review for a particular product – the most effectively affiliate program that you could link to from within the content of that page would be one that links directly to a page selling that specific model of MP3 player. This is how I use the Amazon program today. It is more work than contextual advertising because you’re not just putting one piece of code into a template but rather need to place individual links on many pages – but I find that it’s been worth the effort.

5. Consider positioning of links

One of the things I go on and on about with Adsense optimization is the positioning of ads. I tell bloggers to position their ads in the hotspots on pages (like the top of a left hand side bar – or inside content – or at the end of posts above comments etc). The same principles are true for affiliate advertising.

6. Traffic levels are Important

While it’s not the only factor – traffic levels are obviously key when it comes to making money from almost any online activity. The more people that see your well placed, relevant and well designed affiliate links the more likely it is that one of them will make a purchase. So don’t just work on your links – work on building a readership. Not only this, consider how you might direct traffic on your blog toward pages where they are more likely to see your affiliate links.

7. Diversify without Clutter

Don’t put all your affiliate efforts into one basket. There are plenty of products out there to link to so there is no need to just work on one. At the same time you shouldn’t clutter your blog up with too many affiliate program links. If you do so you run the risk of diluting the effectiveness of your links and could disillusion your readership.

8. Be Transparent

Don’t try to fool your readers into clicking links that could make you money. While it may not always feasible to label all affiliate links I think some attempt should be made to let people know what type of link they are clicking on. I also think consistency is important with this so readers of your blog know what to expect. For example here at ProBlogger usually put a note beside or under affiliate links to simply let readers know that that is what they are. On my Digital Camera Blog I don’t do this because of the large number of such links make it clear by the text around the link that clicking on it will take them to some sort of shop or information where a purchase is possible (ie a link my say ‘buy the XXX product’ or ‘get the latest product on XXX’.

9. Combine with other Revenue Streams

Affiliate programs and advertising programs are not mutually exclusive things. I’ve come across a few people recently who have said they don’t want to do affiliate linking because it will take the focus off their Adsense ads. While there is potential for one to take the focus off the other – there is also real potential for both to work hand in hand as different readers will respond to different approaches. You should consider the impact that your affiliate links have on other revenue streams – but don’t let one stop the other.

10. Track results

Most affiliate programs have at least some type of tracking or statistics package which will allow you to watch which links are effective. Some of these packages are better than others but most will at least allow you to see what is selling and what isn’t. Watching your results can help you plan future affiliate efforts. Keep track of what positions for links work well, which products sell, what wording around links works well etc and use the information that you collect as you work plan future affiliate strategies.