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Darul Ishaat UK Gift registry for Madrasah and Masjid

Sunday, March 18th, 2012
Darul Ishaat UK Gift Registry scheme

Darul Ishaat UK Gift Registry

Darul Ishaat UK Gift registry for Madrasah and Masjid


What is Darul Ishaat UK Gift Registry?

Darul Ishaat UK Gift Registry is a scheme where users can browse the list of approved Madrasahs / Masjids across UK and contribute to they’re book requirements and buy the books directly from the Darul Ishaat UK website as a gift and Darul Ishaat UK will deliver the books for you to the chosen Madrasahs / Masjids.

How does this scheme work?

Madrasah/ Masjid

  • The organisation first registers an account with Darul Ishaat UK
  • Click on ‘Gift Registry’ add your organisation details
  • Darul Ishaat UK Team will contact the organisation and need to verify the organisation details.
  • You then browse the Darul Ishaat UK store and the products required by the Madrasah / Masjid to the wish list.
  • Darul Ishaat UK will advertise the product requirements of the Madrasahs / Masjid across the website and its networks for free.

Users of Darul Ishaat UK

  • Brothers / sisters who use the Darul Ishaat UK store will be able to view list of organisations and their requirements by clicking on the ‘search event’ link on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Once they have searched the organisation list, they can choose an organisation and buy the books they require as a gift, it can be 1 x book or as many as they wish to buy as a gift, and Darul Ishaat UK will deliver the books directly to that organisation.
  • Users can leave comments and feedbacks on the guestbook after or before placing an order.

Who can apply for this scheme?

  • Anyone from the Management team at Madrasahs or Masjids in the UK can apply for the Darul Ishaat UK Gift Registry.

Step by step instructions on how to set up your account now can be found here: step by step instruction


Boycott Israeli Dates by Friends of Al Aqsa

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Reasons for Boycotting

There are many reasons for boycotting Israel and Israeli products. Financially, supporting the state of Israel is tantamount to supporting its oppression and occupation of the Palestinians. Palestinians are subjected to violence and humiliation every day and their lives are made unbearable by Israels occupation policies.

In Gaza, most recently, Israel reduced the population of 1.5 million to desperate poverty by imposing a two year long siege and a 3 week long bombing campaign which left 1,400 Palestinians dead. While Israel enjoys living standards equivalent to that in Europe, the Palestinians in Gaza live without basic supplies of fuel, electricity, medicines, food and even milk powder for babies.

Despite the absolute humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza, with diseases spreading, malnutrition the norm, and medical patients dying in their hundreds from treatable diseases; Israel continues to dismiss international concerns and condemnation, calling Palestinians the terrorists.

In the West Bank, oppressive occupation policies continue to be the norm, and peaceful protests continue to be met with deadly force, leaving unarmed protestors dead or injured. International solidarity workers are also still being harassed and targeted, and extremist settlers, such as those in Hebron, continue to make the lives of the local people a living misery. School children on their way to school face the terror of settler attacks, who hurl both abuse and rocks at them. These incidences are not isolated; they are the reality of every day life for some Palestinians.

Political intervention has failed to bring about an end to the occupation for over 40 years. It is time for ordinary people in the ground to take a stand, and boycotting Israeli goods is an easy but effective option.

By boycotting Israeli products – you are telling the Israelis that you want the occupation to end; you are telling the world governments that they must take action; and most importantly, you are telling the Palestinians that they are not forgotten.

Do something today – Boycott Israeli Dates



Boycott of Israeli dates – Check The Label

Saturday, August 21st, 2010