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New CD by Sheikh Saad Nomani – OUT NOW

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
A collection of breathtaking quranic recitation - Exclusive to Darul Ishaat UK

A collection of breathtaking quranic recitation - Darul Ishaat UK

Just Released the New CD by Sheikh saad nomani, a collection of breathtaking Quranic recitation.

sheikh saad nomani a recitor of the Holy Quran who is know for his unique ability to render the recitation of the holy Quran in a manner recited by as many as 85 world famous rectors.

Tracks included in this CD:

  1. Yaseen
  2. Ar-Rahman
  3. As-saff
  4. Al Munafiqoun
  5. Al Muzzammil
  6. Al Qiyaamah
  7. Al Insaan
  8. Al A’ala
  9. Ash shams
  10. Al Lail
  11. and the last 19 surahs of the Holy Quran.

Sample Tracks:

This CD is exclusive to Darul Ishaat UK, get your copy now from


Afzal-ul-Wazaaif (Best Recitations)

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
Afzal-ul-Wazaaif (Best Recitations)

Afzal-ul-Wazaaif (Best Recitations)

Pocket-sized wazifa collection.


* Surah Yaseen
* Dua For Protection Against All Evils
* Dua For Protection
* Dua For Protection of Ones Home And Posessions
* Dua For Forgiveness
* The 99 Names of Allah Ta’ala
* Manzil
* Just 15 Minutes
* Surah Sajdah
* Surah Waaqiah
* Surah Mulk
* Surah Dukhan
* Surah Kahf
* 40 Durood
* 40 Rabbana

# Cover: Paperback
# Author: Compliled by Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
# Publisher: Zam Zam Publishers
# Pages: 142
# Size: 12 x 9 cm

For more information please click here:


Al Hidaayah Fundraising Event – Audio – video Highlights

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Audio Clip from the recent Al-hidaayah fundrasing, Quranic recitation by Abu Bakr Ash Shatri, leading the Isha Salah, event was held at keighley, victoria hall, west yorkshire, on 13th March 2011, DVD of this event is currently being processed, for more information please visit:



Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri – Quran recitation in 2011 Keighley

Molana Imtiaz Sidat – Only You Yaa Allah

Molana Imtiaz Sidat – Allahu Allah Naat

Molana Imtiaz Sidat – Durood Urdu Naat

Who are Al-Hidaayah Foundation?

Al-Hidayaah is a non-profit organisation established to serve the spiritual, cultural, educational and social needs of the Muslim community in Keighley.

Al-Hidayaah was set up in 2004 by a group of concerned Muslim brothers united by a set of principles: firm conviction in Tawheed, Qur’an and Sunnah.

Our Mission
To establish a Masjid and an educational institute in Keighley in order to provide children and adults Islamic knowledge and morals based upon the Glorious Qur’an and Hadeeth;
To promote accurate representation of Islam by providing correct information and encouraging individuals to act upon the truth.

* To create an awareness amongst Muslims of our Islamic obligations and duties
* To help Muslim youth preserve and strengthen their Islamic identity
* Build bridges of understanding with all our neighbours
* To promote education, integration and community cohesion
* Engage in constructive interfaith dialogues

Our activities:

* To find a suitable location to setup the Masjid
* Increase awareness and support for our project
* Organise regular Islamic events and conferences
* Participate in interfaith dialogue

For more information please visitL
The event was held at Kieghley Victoria Hall, west yorkshire on the 13th March 2011